About Us

Welcome to Absolute Solutions, your reliable partner in Outsourcing of skilled labor workers.

The no-nonsense mentality, easy communication, keeping promises, honesty, speed and transparency are just a couple of our basic principles in our company culture.

Who Are We

Absolute Solutions is specialized in the outsourcing of skilled labor workers. Our team of tradesmen has great knowledge to keep your company going. Professional service, from electricians, to welders, HVAC technicians, construction, etc. 

Our Mission

“Being the best performing outsourcing company, with an absolute focus on quality and excelling in service for our customers and contributors”

What We Do

Absolute Solutions adds value to your company by specializing in putting the right people in the right place, so you can focus on the core of YOUR business. Focus works!

Our history

We are a young company, driven and committed to deliver results. Of course we are matching our people with the required skill set. But we go further than that! Matching company culture with people culture is the key to a long lasting business relationship.

Our 6 step process


Meeting with the customer

The first step is to make you familiar with the concept of outsourcing and to explain the unique advantages. We listen to the customers needs and provide a solution. We carefully go over the business agreement and the price. As we provide different levels of craftsmen, your price will be tailor made. From the start, we make a detailed description of the project, so you can count on the right people with the right skill set. 



Planning is everything. We will discuss the whole project. This goes from foreseen term to machinery, to quantity of craftsmen needed as well as the time frame. We carefully write out the whole planning so you, the customer have a complete overview at all times. Of course, should any changes be necessary, we are always able to adjust according to changes.


Order confirmation

Confirmation of the project, the amount of people, level of skills, the price per hour per person, mileage to the work site, etc. are confirmed. The agreement between our companies gets signed.


Start of the project and follow up.

Our assigned project manager accompanies our technicians for the start of the project. This to ensure clear communication between you, our customer and our qualified people. 


Evolution interviews and follow up

As mentioned, communication is key in the people business. Therefore, follow up is as important as the initial setup. We will conduct evolution interviews with our people as well as follow up conversations with our customers to ensure a smooth cooperation for the entire duration of the project. This can occur on a weekly or as needed basis.


Confirmation of hours and invoicing

Each person will appear separately on the invoice according to the agreed price per hour and mileage from the office to the worksite. Every Friday, our people will have their timesheet signed by a responsible party in the company. Based on the agreed hours, we will invoice. We take care of all payroll, insurances, benefits, retention, motivation, etc.

Why choose us?

Focus on what is important for your business. Stop spending valuable time on recruitment, training and HR related admin.

Everyone of our people is provided with a company van, stocked with an individual toolbox. Everything we provide meets the latest safety standards. If your project requires it, we can also provide welding equipment, ladders, scaffolding or other specific tools.

Companies outsource more and more technical activities, such as welding, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, machinery maintenance, etc. Sometimes the company doesn’t have the people with the right skill set, or the company experiences a peak in production, etc. Then, working with Absolute Solutions is the solution.

Another big advantage of outsourcing is the labor volume in the company and the amount of people needed. Absolute Solutions can adapt easy to a changed strategy. Problems like absence because of vacation, sickness or other cases are no longer your worry. Depending on your demands, we can adapt in quantity of people, skill set needed, or the location of the project.

Outsourcing allows to control costs in reference with an outsourced function, infrastructure or process. The goal is to reduce the overall wage cost and to turn it into more beneficial variable costs. In the long run, the costs connected to outsourcing will be lower than the internal wage costs.

At all times you work with the right amount of technicians with the right skills and that way, you only pay for the exact hours worked.

Our people are all supervised by project leaders with years of experience and knowledge in your field.

Safety is our company’s #1 core value. Safe behavior is a work in progress. It just doesn’t happen like that. Absolute Solutions is proactive and implements safety education efforts that keeps safety “top of mind” with all of our people.

Everyone of our own employees is provided with a free OSHA 10-hour Safety and Health training, proven to increase their awareness of their surroundings, as well as their understanding of the importance of identifying and questioning unsafe worksite scenarios. This gives our people a valuable industry qualification. 

Absolute Solutions is a customer service company whose people are aware that the fulfillment of your expectations is always the ultimate goal. 

We invest continuously in training for our people. Next to safety training, we also provide training in welding techniques, electronics, and other trades.

We commit strongly to handle everything with absolute discretion and keep confidential every process, technique and know how in your company.

We are so confident in the reliability and skill of our workforce that we guarantee the worker sent to your job site will be of the quality you expect and will have the skill set you requested. 

In the very rare case that our craftsman is not what you wanted, we will replace that worker at no charge if notified within their first four hours after start.

Would you like to start a project with us?

What we do is amazing. Connecting the right people with the right jobs. Contact us to set an appointment. Our representative will meet you in person to listen to your needs.

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