These are examples of skilled labor we provide for our clients.
If you don't see what you are looking for let us know. Most likely we can help you.

Machine Building/Moving

The order is delayed by the customer, but once it is a go, it must be delivered immediately. Sounds familiar? We are happy to meet these challenges. Planning problems? Call Absolute Solutions! New production site? We are happy to move your equipment!

HVAC Technicians

HVAC Contractors often experience planning problems. If you are in need of additional manpower for temporary or permanent projects, industrial or residential, install or maintenance, contact Absolute Solutions today!

Maintenance Mechanics

We provide greatly skilled mechanics as a supplement to your technical service department to cover standstill and/or periodic planned maintenance or troubleshooting. Our mechanics are ready for you.

Industrial Electricians

Our skilled electricians are available for electrical installations on worksites, cabling, panel building and industrial installations. Contact Absolute Solutions for more information!


Whether you need additional manpower for plumbing install or plumbing maintenance, our skilled people are ready to strengthen your current workforce. Contact our office today!


Carpentry contractors often experience planning problems due to delays, weather, last minute orders, etc. Absolute Solutions loves to help you with the additional manpower you might need. Contact us today!

Your benefits as an employer

  Professional and experienced technicians
  Local tradesmen
  For Short or long term projects
  100% continuity of your operation
  Immediately the right person on the job

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